Real Estate & Financing

Lazarus offers expert advice on Real Estate Law and Financing and all areas of U.S. Real Estate ownership.

Real Estate Law

The Lazarus Team has experience servicing financial institutions, investors, developers, companies, individuals and organizations in practically every field of real estate law.

  • Title Examinations
  • Purchasing - sales and financing of commercial, residential and industrial real estate projects
  • Drafting loan agreements and safeguards to structure financing
  • Developing commercial, residential and industrial real estate projects
  • Drafting and negotiating various real estate transactions: commercial leases, lease offers, undivided co-ownership agreements
  • Commercial transactions that include real estate
  • Structure for real estate purchases using Limited Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Corporations and other forms of partnerships.

U.S. Real Estate Ownership

Canadians looking to own U.S. real estate, whether for leisure or income, will need expert legal advice to have the best structure. The taxes related to estate planning and the fluctuation between the Canadian and U.S currencies are some of the many possible concerns Canadians may have.

Lazarus can ascertain your needs and create the proper ownership structure and estate planning for property in the United States.

Let us simplify the complexities
of your real estate needs.

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