About the Firm

Our Mission

We're an international law firm with a 50-year history of partnering with clients in emerging industries to protect their interests and grow their businesses.

The Vision

We aspire to be the law firm of choice for clients in emerging industries and to be top of mind for existing clients' legal needs, expanding our team to match their growing businesses.

Morden "Cookie" Lazarus

Cookie has mentored our team for over 50 years and has embodied the fundamental core values of the firm. His twelve life lessons serve as words of inspiration and landmarks to the team who worked with him. Below are his renowned quotes that have built the roadmap to the firm's success and continue serving as guiding principles.

Core Values

Kindness & Respect

"Helping others is one of the greatest legacies you can leave and is an excellent measuring stick assessing your final success story in the game of life." We foster a workplace that shows a deep level of compassion and empathy. We want to feel connected with our colleagues and our clients. We want to hear their story and show that we care and are willing to listen.


"Honesty and integrity leads to credibility and business success." Cookie's infamous 'wallet story' embodies the Lazarus brand that was built on integrity. We work in a supportive and empowering environment that is reliable and dedicated to go the extra mile to deliver first-rate results for our clients. Our spirit of candor is the standard we live by for our clients and colleagues.


"Surround yourself with good people who share the same core values. Evaluate the people first before committing to the investment." We offer a range of experience, perceptions and preferences that becomes an unstoppable force in a diverse group with a common goal. Our camaraderie is mission-based and everyone cooperates. Accountability and acknowledgment are our strengths for mutual support and collaboration.


"Focus on the challenge." Success is a mindset. We strive for perfection and we measure success by helping clients achieve their success story. We work hard and use our raw energy to do what is needed to overdeliver and make the best impression possible.

Growth & Innovation

"Never be afraid of not having all the answers. Fear is not an option." We foster a workplace that shows a deep level of compassion and empathy. We are critical thinkers who use thoughtfulness as an attribute to embrace risk and deliver the best outcome for our clients that exceeds expectations. We meet challenges by consulting with knowledgeable colleagues and create a niche for ourselves. The desire to be curious and have new experiences motivates us to be versatile, remain focused, and be at the forefront.

Courage & Optimism

"Always have the courage to become what you want to be and to focus on that pursuit in spite of life's challenges." We rise above pessimism and remain positive. We inspire people by our encouragement and advice. We strongly believe that disappointment comes from lack of trying and not failing. We lead ourselves first and convey that energy to each other.

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