Estate Planning

Our team at Lazarus has the necessary expertise to draft acts and give insightful advice when the time comes to make the right decisions regarding estate rights, including setting up Trusts, Last Will and Testament, Protective Mandate, and the Settlement of Estates.

Last Will and Testament

  • Simple will or trust adapted to the situation of the testator.
  • Will adapted to minors.
  • Will adapted to handicapped children.
  • Will adapted to incapacitated spouses.


Protective Mandate in Quebec allows a designated mandatory to manage an incapacitated person's property and personal care:

  • It allows specifying healthcare and medical treatment to be used as guidance when unable to make decisions.
  • The procedure for protective supervision can be simplified if a valid Protective Mandate is signed in advance.

Lazarus has a team of Quebec Notaries who are licensed to institute and conduct proceedings to endorse a Protective Mandate.

Settlement of
an Estate

Here's a look at some of the services we offer in this field:

  • Complete succession settlements (from simple to complex)
  • Settlement of insolvent succession
  • Designation of liquidator
  • Replacement of liquidator
  • Guidance for liquidator
  • Declaration of transmission of movable and immovable property
  • Verification of holograph wills and wills made in the presence of witnesses.
  • Inventory of succession

Trust and
Estate Planning

A Trust is a fiduciary agreement that's part of an Estate Plan. Trusts are used to:

  • Hold assets for one or more beneficiary
  • Offer a significant estate tax
  • Offer other protective benefits

Why you need to protect your digital assets. Prepare in advance to protect:

  • Precious memories
  • Important documents
  • Crucial business information after an emergency

How to include them in your Will or Trust:

  • Create a separate document listing specific account information that can be included in your Estate Plan.
  • Set up a secure digital vault to store important information such as account numbers and passwords.
  • Include the digital vault's "master key" as an additional document in your Estate Plan with instructions.

Plan today for peace of mind tomorrow.

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