Vollmer Woods trail made safer

The Vollmer Woods bike trail runs though through woodlands and open fields, by ponds, brush and watchful deer. Its beauty was accompanied by peril — a peril greatly lessened in April, when, response to inquiries from attorney William Lazarus, the Cook County Forest Preserve District took action.

The trail was resurfaced, leading to steep drop-offs, three inches or more deep at many points. On November 11, 2009, Lazarus wrote County Forest Preserve District Supt. Steven M. Bylina, Jr. about the danger, noting it could cause bicyclists forced off the trail to crash.

Joe Mollica, an assistant engineer in the planning and development division of the District, responded in an email three months later, promising to address the problem when the weather breaks. That happened in April, when the District, after taking bids, put in fill along edges of the trail.

While not as safe as tapered asphalt, the loose fill represents a substantial improvement over the steep drop-off.