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When your insurance agent advises against submission of a claim, think twice

You may think of your “independent insurance agent” as a good source for unbiased advice. In fact, the agent may well have an undisclosed financial incentive to discourage you from making a claim. This is something people should keep in mind when deciding whether to submit a claim, and when coverage has been denied for [...]

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Safety Devolution: Bike law and Illinois roadways

In 1909, the Illinois Supreme Court found that bicyclists had the same right to safe roads as horse-drawn wagons and even that new-fangled contraption, the motor car. The story was different in 1998 in a supreme court case marked by a 5-4 split decision with a stinging dissent.

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In the Event of a Severe Bike Crash

Bicyclists and others must make decisions quick in the wake of a serious crash. Here’s advice on what to do, put together by William Lazarus in preparation for a presentation to the south suburban bicycle club, Folks on Spokes.

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Vollmer Woods trail made safer

A 3.7-mile bike path is marked by steep drop-offs. The Forest Preserve District plans fix in April after Lazarus draws its attention to the hazard.

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Nicor – Profiting through delay

Summary: Nicor ignored its summer reading of my gas meter when gas prices were relatively cheap, and caught up this month, leading to a whopping bill.

Advice: Don’t let yourself get charged for prior gas usage at today’s high rate.

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